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years of experience of our skippers
welcome to Egeria

An Unrivaled Sporting Charter Journey: An Experience Like No Other

Our utmost focus is on providing you with an exceptional experience. Each chapter is meticulously customized to create a distinct adventure that surpasses your expectations. We work closely with our clients to meticulously plan their ideal vacations. From the moment you choose to charter the Egeria, your journey with us begins.

As a cohesive team, our relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in every aspect of our service, including the remarkable features of Egeria. With the expertise of our experienced skipper, your journey will be guided with the utmost care, ensuring both your safety and comfort throughout the voyage.

Egeria First 45: Elegance and top sports performance

Egeria skippers

Sail safely with our experts

Our experienced skippers confidently manoeuvre through the archipelago, bays, and cities of the Adriatic Sea. They possess extensive knowledge about the finest destinations along the Croatian coast.

Each charter is unique, and our skippers take great care in customizing your trip according to your desires. By entrusting your voyage to them, you can embrace the authentic essence of sailing without the inherent difficulties. They adapt to your preferences, whether you seek a private and tranquil journey or an engaging and interactive cruising experience. The choice is yours to make.